Case Study: Street Safe

This is a case study on my safety app concept


During June 2020, police brutality was again the focus after the death of George Floyd. This was a unspeakable tragedy that led to a stand again police brutality. As a British Caribbean man, I began to think how can I inform myself and others of crimes or brutality within my area or city like London.

This lead to me creating a crime information app which could assist the public and even tourists. This app would inform and them of the current crime levels in their current area.

My role was to research, wireframe and prototype this product.


  • App created for mobile use
  • Include a crime database with descriptions
  • Allow location selection to see crimes in your area
  • Make people aware of potential risks
  • Available downlaod via QR code scanner

The Process

  • Topic Research


    Most high risk crimes in London is terrorism threats. Unfortunately in today's climate, terrorism is a common crime happening across the world. London has repeatably had many incidences. The most frequent crime in London are pick-pockets.

    Do's and don'ts lists

    I find these lists useful, but I would prefer tip's from other user's as I find it more informative. Having a comment section in the app to see feedback and advice from the online community would be valuable.

    Crimes in London

    • Terrorism
    • Police brutality or harassment
    • Taxis and transport
    • Anti-social behavior
    • Bicycle theft
    • Burglary
    • Criminal damage and arson
    • Pick-pocket
    • Violence and sexual offences
    • Drugs
    • Shootings
    • Competitor Analysis


      • Clear options and navigation


      • Looks plain and dated graphicly
      • Certain options could be combined to slimline the user journey
      • Map doesn't show the locations of crimes committed
    • Perona

      I love to travel, but I'd like to know the high risk crime in that country or city?

      • I want to report crime from a application
      • I want to feel safe on holiday
      • I want information on crime in that area
      • I want to know the most frequent crime in that area

      I love to travel, but what I find is that I have to do a lot of searching to find information on crimes in that area. I would like to know the high risk crimes in the area where I'm going. Also I would like to report on any crime that happen to me.

      User Goals
      • They want to report crime
      • They want to be safe in London
      • They want crime information
      • They want to know the top crime in the area
    • User flow

      Understanding my users is very important but to design for them I need to understand their goals and needs translate into action.

      User flows = sequence action

      Scenario = The expression of the user's mindset and step they take to accomplish a goal

      I focused on the most important interactions to identify opportunities. Can this be simplified? Shortened? Improved? Where are the pain points or unmet needs?

      I also created a more detailed flow diagram to help translate it to developers so they can check if there anything crazy or unmakeable there.

      To try and get more valuable information from my flow I added motivations. This will help identify creative improvements where thing isn't feeling as good as they could be. Then I apply a feature to this motivation to which will help developers build this experience.

      1. Scan QR code
      2. Download app
      3. Sign up
      4. Search crimes
      5. Report crime
      6. Look for crimes in your current area
      7. Take a photo or video and add to a report
    • Sketches

      To try and visualize the app before I get too dep into high fidelity, I sketch out the various features.

    • Prototypes

      Lastly, I built a prototype demonstrating the outcome of all the work done previously. I based this on the Samsung one UI framework as I find the used of space is more ergonomic.

    • Web development.

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