Case Study: AAH Bikes Redesign

This is a UX case study on AAH motorbike website redesign.


This is a case study based on work I did at Accident Advice Helpline. My task was to redesign the AAH Motorcycle+ website. This is a sub brand that deals with motorcycle accident claims, repairs with other benefits. It is over 5 years old and follows outdated design trends. My main role for this redesign was to create a user experience, which reflects the users' needs better; an interface, which is not only easy-to-use, but provides a satisfactory and meaningful usage.


  • Redesign AAH Motorcycle+ website.
  • Consider the UX, UI, brand attributes, conversions and SEO value.
  • Understand the strategy in the medium to long term, and what role it plays in that strategy.
  • Propose design solutions and validate them.

My Role

  • Discovery, strategy and design.


  • Website Audit


    Initially I ran a website audit, establishing aspect that need improving. The main goal of this website is to make leads. By making user personas I can establish the target audience for the website to improve the conversions.

    Here are examples of task that will support conversion:

    • Refresh the brand identity.
    • Increase traffic and conversions of the website by 20%.
    • Emotionally connect with motorcyclist through imagery.
    • Redefine calls to action (CTAs)
  • Stakerholder Interviews

    After the audit, I held stakeholder interviews to ask additions questions to query any aspects of the project.

    Questions Answers

    Why use the domain name Aah bikes?

    • AAH Motorcycles is a sub brand of Accident Advice Helpline.
    • domain is available and could replace this.

    Can the logo be redesigned?

    • Yes, Incorporate the text “Accident Advice Helpline Motorcycles +”

    Social media integration?

    • Yes, Can we use social media links from Accident Advice Helpline, or should we use a seperate account.

    Can we add reviews to the website?

    • Yes, we’re allowed to use Accident Advice Helpline reviews.

    Could we add SEO pages?

    • Yes, we could create SEO content for a ‘blog’ section.
  • Competitor Analysis

    To understand the motorcycle repair market I did a competitor analysis. This helped me understand what they were offering their customers, and how were they doing it? The findings from this will help determine the company strategy.

    Here are some of the heuristics I use:

    • Support or help section
    • Visual design trends
    • Consistent Design
    • Clarity of information
    • Content is scannable
    • Metting user expectations
    • Clear labelling
  • Brand Attributes

    To help me establish the company goals I did a brand attributes table. I spent time understanding the brand/business I'm design for. Who are they? What do they do? How do you want the customers to feel etc.

    1. Culture of the business 2. Customer 3. Voice 4. Benefit 5. Value/ImpactTo the business
    Suited to motorcyclist











    No nonsense


    Increased productivity

    Revitalised brand


    Ease of service

    What is the USP (Xfactor?):
    The “one stop shop” for motorcycles accident service. Professionally run, established business focused on motorcycles
  • Sketches

    To try and visualize the app before I get too dep into high fidelity, I sketch out the various features.

  • Prototypes

    Lastly, I built a prototype demonstrating the outcome of all the work done previously. I based this on the Samsung one UI framework as I find the used of space is more ergonomic.

  • Web development.

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  • User study
    It's important to understand the attitude, relevant characteristics and behaviours of our users.

    User goals
    • Find the services SEO/Social
    • I want to make a claim
    • They want a replacement bike
    • They want compensation
    • They want to feel special, looked after
    • They want good communication, customer service, speed and competence.

  • Personas

    To help me reach the user goals I created two personas. These were created after doing some market research on motorcyclists. This included their gender, age, goals and how the business would suit their needs.

    • Michael, 45, motorcyclist
    • Loads of friends, values word of mouth
    • He is focused trust, relatability.
    • Big on social media like facebook and Instagram
    • Married

    Michael hasn’t had an accident in a while but he’s aware he’ll need to use the services eventually. Through social media (blog link) and word of mouth from other motorcyclist he’s refered to AAH Motorcycles. The reviews are good and there are a number of benefits they have which make them stand out from the other companies. Michael save the link but joins the facebook group as it focuses on motorcycle lifestyle. He notices there is also a rss feed and a instagram group which he also joins.

    After a couple of weeks he has his first accident, and he straight away goes to the AAH Motorcycles website as he reads their blog regularly and view their instagram as well. When he gets home he goes to the facebook group where he finds the phone number and contacts them.

    • Clare, 39, motorcyclist
    • LIves: Midlands
    • Profession: Transport and logistics

    Clare has been in a motorcycle accident. Her bike is damaged and unable to be used. Her helmet is damaged and she also has injuries. Returning from hospital shes been contacted several time by her insurance company who are referring a random claims company, who she doesn't know. She is feeling unsure whether to use them. So she opens google’s “motorcycle claims” on her mobile. She searches for a claim company who focus on the motorcyclist. She stumbles on AAH Motorcyclists, she first reads the services and benefits. Then she moves on to the reviews, which are good. After going through the blog section and some more reviews she decides to contact the company by filling in the form.

  • User journey/flow

    I created a user flow/journey to map out the journey the user would take before they reached their goal i.e. Start a claim. The better I can make this the better outcome for the user and business.

  • Sitemap

    To show the structure of the website I created a sitemap. This helps ensure the content is where users would expect to find it.

    This is useful because:

    • It is the first deliverable which will show what I'm creating.
    • It will help the position of the content and what will need to be produced.
    • It will show the navigation structure.


  • Logo Redesign

    One of my tasks was to redesign the logo. Through doing many iterations and getting feedback from the stakeholders we came to a final design. The design needed to be simple, involve a modern motorcycle, visual elements of repairing, separated from text for legibility and incorporate the Accident Advice Helpline blue colour.

  • Stylescape

    The stylescape is a visual guideline to help the direction of the project. I find the use of these very useful for getting the mood, colour, font sizes and layouts of the project.

  • Style guide

    This style guide was used to set the standards for the UI elements, text etc of the design. I always find it best to create a library for all the assets of the project.

  • Sketches

    Before I get to my desktop I find the best approach is to sketch out all variations without any limitations. I find my illustration background makes this easy for me. I can look at UI positioning, colours, desktop/table/mobile screens freely. I can gather user feedback quickly without finalising designs too early.

  • Lo-fi Wireframe

    After I've finalised sketches I can move into low fidelity prototype again through user feedback and validation I can finalise designs to save time.

  • Hi-fi Wireframe

    To help users identify the look of the final design I created high fidelity wireframes. These will be used to get sign-off from stakeholders and validate the overall designs.

  • Prototypes

    Lastly in the design phase I created interactive prototypes. These helped portray the user experience using the high fidelity wireframes.


Overall I found the redesigning the AAH Motorcycle+ brand very clear and concise project. Once the logo was finalised the rest of the project gained motion. Through further user testing and A/B testing the user experience can be refined.